The Subtitles

Vancouver, BC Canada

Genres:Rock - Indie Rock
Bio: Keyboard player, producer, guitarist, singer, programmer of drum machines, groove boxes and all manner of sequencers—these are some of the roles I have played in numerous music projects over the years.

It all started in a small town in Ontario, where I began playing the electric organ at age 8. I have generally stayed in touch with musicians from the same place for much of my collaborations. While attending University in Ottawa, I formed numerous projects from the experimental (Klystron Progofop) to more alternative pop-rock (the Cheese Army, the Subtitles and Isotopia) with other guys I had grown up with. Some of these projects survived my move out to Vancouver, where Isotopia played numerous shows from 1996 to 1999.

At present, I find myself playing the keyboards for City Wide Walkie Talkie, a Vancouver-based three-piece ensemble with influences ranging from obscure soul-funk to space rock to dub. We began in 1999 as a recording project where synthesizer, guitar, bass and percussion improvisations would be laid down over drum machine sequences, but have now progressed to the point where we have an actual drummer and begun to evolve into a viable live unit. A couple of albums have resulted from this slow evolution.

Additionally I try to work on some solo material, both more electronic (under the name Integer), and more song-based. To keep all our projects "under one roof," I help form Isonaut Music, which is a collective of musicians and producers. The Isonaut web site is our main outlet for disseminating information and new tunes. For me, good music is usually a mash-up of styles. Taste and atmosphere have always won out over musical proficiency, and I have found that the whole process of creating music is a compulsion I just can’t stop.
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