K.P. Devlin

New York, NY United States

Genres:Folk, Kids/Quirky, Country - Contemporary/Pop, Country - Classic, Country - Alternative, Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Rock - Vintage Rock/Pop, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Latin - Pop
Bio: K.P. Devlin is a singer/songwriter who is capable of being both delightfully quirky and ominously dark, often within the same song. Having lived in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston and Austin, he currently resides in New York City. According to Christopher Hess of the Austin Chronicle, "Devlin comes from NYC via parts unknown with a swagger in his voice and an edge to his pen that will definitely raise eyebrows."

Devlin graduated from Columbia University in New York with a degree in film studies, and has done extensive work within that medium, including writing, directing, editing and scoring several short films and videos. He also took courses at Boston?s Berklee School of Music. Proficient on the acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica and kazoo, he also possesses a great fascination with ethnic music, which has led him to explore many other musical instruments from around the world, including oud, sitar, didgeridoo, and bouzouki. His other artistic interests include poetry, oil painting, and creative answering machine messages.

His primary focuses, however, are his songwriting, recording and performing. He has performed extensively on the New York club circuit, including such venues as the Bitter End, the Living Room, Rockwood Music Hall, Arlene Grocery, CBGB, and Sin-?and has toured both nationally and in Australia. He has independently recorded and released five CD?s of original material: Spirit of the Mule, Scarecrow Land, Harlequin?s Elbow, Shoot Down the Stars and the new offering, Idolatry. Songs from these CD?s have received airplay on radio stations nationwide, as well as overseas in Australia, Costa Rica, Belgium and Holland.
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