The Motives Project

Brooklyn, NY United States

Genres:Kids/Quirky, Reggae/Dub, Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Jazz - Free/Avant-Garde
Bio: THE MOT!VES beginings can be traced back to jam sessions that started in in 1998 at Louie Fleck''s loft in Tribeca, NYC. The weekly jams included Paul Vlachos on guitar, Rich N Famous on keyboards and guitar, Laury Webb on drums and keyboards, Pathen Urbaez on lead guitar, Louie Fleck on bass, guitar and drums as well as a host of others. The musicians experimented with rock and reggae improvisation techniques, developed unusual treatments of cover songs and started introducing original material. A decision was made to formalize the unit into a band, the mysterious name "TFA" was selected and auditions were commenced for a lead vocalist. After several lead vocalists came and went, Rebecca Bolluyt from Iowa joined up and several local gigs followed. With the addition of Brian "Milo" Lowe also on lead vocals, the band settled on "THE MOT!VES" as their name. The addition of David Kaufman on keyboards and Douglas Guthrie on sax (both members of the cult 80''s group: The Nails), and Zack Glass on guitar and Phil "Dubwise" Simon cemented the groups focus on creating original NYC style Reggae, Ska and Dub. This is the lineup that played extensively in NYC and was invited to headline the 1999 Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide conference held in San Jose, CA. The band surprised Reggae audiences with their unique fusion of Pop, Rock and Jazz influenced Reggae, Ska and Dub. Rebecca''s vocals have often been described as cool and hypnotic. Milo has been able to create a completely unique vocal sound that combines precise Raggamuffin chatting/toasting with intense emotional singing. While Louie Fleck wrote over 50% of the material, all of the band members contributed to songwriting.
A complete gig history of THE MOT!VES, BUBBLE and THAT OTHER THING is available on the web site: There are web pages that contain photos of many shows and two very interesting journals of the mini-tours.

In the beginning of 2001, it became clear that Rebecca planned a move to Chicago and that Milo needed to move to France in order to be with his new family. So, while the band was no longer able to perform live, it occured to Louie Fleck to record the lead vocalists before they left. So begins the story of THE MOT!VES PROJECT. During the rest of 2000, Louie developed and arranged the songs using samples, synthesizers and traditional instruments in his home studio. He composed and recorded background vocals and horn arrangements, and additional guest musicians folded into the mix song by song.

The CD: THE MOT!VES PROJECT - so much more, was officially released on Louie Fleck''s Benchwarrant Records in June of 2001. The reviews have been positive and enthusiastic, as many realize the unique and futuristic qualities of the CD. The CD can be purchased from many on-line stores such as and Promo copies of the CD will be sent to DJs and reviewers upon request.

NYC REGGAE COLLECTIVE is a Reggae band that features several members of THE MOT!VES and performs originals and Reggae classics. NYC REGGAE COLLECTIVE is available for parties and special events. Feel free to contact us for licensing of songs, interviews, bookings and questions of any nature:
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