Rabbit Junk

seattle, wa United States

Bio: Rabbit Junk - Bio

Rabbit Junk has been carving out a festering niche in the over crowded underground since their self released debut was unleashed in ’04. And while chafing under the ultra-orthodox confines of Seattle’s indie-pop dominated music scene, their latest effort Reframe, has been found infecting fringe enthusiasts from Japan to the UK. Bravely flaunting pop influences and proudly displaying metal and electronic heritage, Rabbit Junk is another nail in the coffin of both Seattle’s grunge heyday and JP’s previous project The Shizit. And now that they’re armed to the teeth with a new record, a live band, and a growing fan base, JP and the mysteriously anonymous “Sum Grrrl” are hellbent on spreading the Rabbit Junk virus to a club near you. Genre purists beware!
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