Project K

los angeles, ca United States

From Echo Park Comes...  ProjeKt K
Genres:Rock - Indie Rock
Bio: Echo Park band Project K are a 3 piece from Southern California. Formed for kicks on the brink of the new century, the band recorded it''s first CD "TESTING UNDERWAY" on Bong Load Records, Beck’s original label. Sporting M/F harmonies and a twangy, hollow body guitar sound, the band has been compared to The Pixies, X, and The Ravonettes even though they sound nothing like them.

Project K Features Greg K. on guitar and vocals, io Perry on bass and vocals, and Nicki Scott on drums and “racket”. The three have just begun work on their new CD but have no idea what to call it. Greg K. comes by way of weird L.A./Long Beach pop slop punk bands The Paper Tulips and the Ray-O-Vacs, Nicki was the drummer in the culty Los Angeles punk band POPDeFECT and io comes from Canada, but is named after one of the moons of Jupiter. Their songs have appeared in several indie films, one of the most notable being Happy Is Not Hard To Be.

Now playing about in Los Angeles while they write and record the next CD, you can see the "official" web site which features frightening road photos, outdated material, tour trivia, and heaps of useless but entertaining information about the band, Seven of Nine, and much more. Visit the Project K Myspace page to listen to songs instantly and OF COURSE get on their friends list so you can look “cool”.

You can now download a copy of the "Testing Underway" CD for FREE by clicking on the link below:
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