Alien Crime Syndicate

seattle, wa United States

Genres:Country - Alternative, Pop Rock, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: A.C.S. is the afternoon you find $100. The hot rod with cream leather you won for the weekend. Think Charlie’s Angels with better balls, tongues in cheeks, and combs in pockets. Amplified.

CMJ touts the power rock trio as our future’s jukebox heroes, but thousands of those pre-ordained quarters have been pumping long before this. Alien Crime Syndicate brought stratospheric big rock to ears touring with pipebombs like Weezer, The Killers, Pixies, Andrew W.K., Harvey Danger, Sugar Ray, American Hi-Fi, Girls Against Boys, Everclear and Local H.

The spinal cord is Joe Reineke.
Once brainchild and dirty virtuoso of San Francisco’s beloved pop-punk Meices,
1997 found this anthem-laden fellow relocated to Los Angeles on his own. Not a professor to leave the lab for long, Reineke and bassist Jeff Rouse begin operating A.C.S.
After picking up the jaws of label weasels as well as the godlike services of famed record producer Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters), Seattle ultimately proved port for their storm in acquiring drummer/record entrepreneur Nabil Ayers (The Lemons, Micro Mini).

A.C.S. resuscitates the west-coast with monster live shows and albums to match. The self-titled five-song CD EP and debut full-length Dust To Dirt were featured on Nabil’s imprint, Collective Fruit, in 2000. They both took off. The song “Take Me To Your Leader” was a modern rock fave and sung back to them from lungs of all ages. Seattle’s Will Records re-released the original Gil Norton production, From The Word Go in 2001 it was clear the band was ascending just as it should.

2002 they ignite 11 tracks on “XL From Coast To Coast.”
Released by V2 Records/The Control Group, the album’s feature single “Ozzy” received massive commercial airplay while appearing in MTV’s “The Osbournes” as approved by Sharon herself. Sparking songs in feature films (Joyride) and TV shows for MTV, ESPN, and CBS, our three lads make the road their home touring the U.S. and writing constantly into 2003.

Early 2004 and never has a knife felt so at home in your back.
“TEN SONGS IN THE KEY OF BETRAYAL” is the latest from A.C.S.
Swiveling in recording studio thrones to once again greet the legendary Gil Norton, fresh from his work on The Distillers Joe, Jeff, Nabil and Gil built a chromed and beautifully tough sound about the needs of rock and roll, the pitfalls of hustler life and how to make every day feel like Friday night. Heavy guitar sounds and hooks that will send you to re-hab, every track is tailored to fit. Ten Songs In The Key Of Betrayal is loyal to their excitement live and to the fans who continually support them. Every show, every city.

A.C.S. spent 2004 & 2005 touring benhind “Ten Songs” both as a headliner, and as Tommy Stinson’s (Replacements, Guns ‘N Roses) backing band during tours in both the US & Europe. A new A.C.S. album is in the works for 2007 release.

“… a penchant for Weezer-esque hooks that live up to their XL label” – Request

“ACS charges out of the gate with a preposterously catchy rock riff, tacks on a preposterously catchy harmony, then blooms into the kind of balls-to-the-wall chorus that just renders your brain obsolete.” - Seattle Weekly

“What ensues are jump-on-the-bed sing-alongs and air-guitar-inspiring fist
pumpers that say ACS will be jukebox heroes by album No. 4” - CMJ
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