Happy Campers

las vegas, NV United States

Genres:Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk
Bio: Behind the watered down punk scene of post Blink 182ers and wanna be Good Charlotte''s waits Happy Campers. Biding their time and perfecting their craft, waiting for the musical tides to shift towards something with more substance...

It''s time to jump aboard.

Coming up on 8 years as a band, Happy Campers have been paying their dues and laying the foundation to what has become a strong force in the indy music scene. It can be hard for a band to get recognition amidst the glitz and glamour of their hometown of Las Vegas. Happy Campers were forced to either fade away into obscurity or apply some heavy DIY tactics and make it to the next level on there own. Choosing the later Happy Campers self released 3 full length albums, took the reigns on designing an elaborate merch catalog (thongs, belts and lighters included), touring continuously through out the U.S. building a strong grass roots following. They pull hundreds of kids in over a dozen states including over 800 at the Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas for their annual Christmas benefit show. The Campers have enjoyed a lot of success recently being the featured band in the "Bumfights" Videos. With both volumes selling over a million copies the Campers have had an influx of fans from all over the world. Through online distribution like Interpunk.com, CD Baby and Amazon.com Happy Campers have been selling over 50 CDs a month overseas. In total the Campers have unloaded over 8000 Cd''s to fans all over the world. They''ve rocked Warped Tour, Tony Hawk''s big skate park tour, Rock the Vote with Pennywise, Snowcore Tour with Alien Ant Farm, The Hard Rock Hotel with The Offspring, Red White and Boom with The Vandals and MC Hammer. In addition to shows with the AFI, Unwritten Law, and The Atari''s just to name a few. Happy Campers music has appeared on MTV, Nickelodeon, Fox Sports Net, Adrenaline TV and VH1. There songs even found there way on to the "Behind the Music" for Limp Bizkit.....to much dismay of the band members.

The aggressive punk trio has lyrics that range from political to personal and are always thought provoking and insightful. They have energetic beats and riffs, comedic on stage personalities, and flat out catchy songs that will have everyone singing along by the end of the night. Add that to being one of the hardest working bands out there and you have a formula for success. What more could you want?

Happy Campers are:
Isaac Campa/Vox & Guitar
Gene Bean/Bass
Master Jay/Drums
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