Somerville, MA United States

Genres:Pop Rock, Alternative Pop, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Metal/Alternative Metal, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Loveless is a band meant to happen. The group’s debut release on Q Division Records is packed solid with infectious, unpretentious melodies, exploding with gnashing guitars and buoyant, blooming hooks. Harnessing wall-of-sound American guitar rock to melodic Brit-pop, both brawny and shamelessly beautiful, Loveless makes their powerful, layered sound seem effortless.

Teaming up four longtime friends from the Boston scene, Loveless is driven by a cohesive, natural chemistry and a wealth of individual talent and experience. Lead vocalist/guitarist Dave Wanamaker was formerly the lead guitarist and main songwriter for the critically hailed, melodic hard-rock band Expanding Man, whose major-label career yielded full-length CDs on Sony and Polydor and a song on the "Cable Guy" movie soundtrack. Jen Trynin, whose two solo releases on Warner Brothers brought her rave reviews, brings an inimitable blend of jagged, Keith Richards-like guitar and haunted yet gorgeous background vocals to the group. The rhythm section is a vibrant, rock-solid powerhouse, with Expanding Man''''s Peter Armata on bass and Tom Polce (Letters to Cleo, Bill Janovitz) on drums. The band''''s confident, confluent sound has commanded attention right out of the gate, earning two Boston Music Awards nominations for its pre-release EP: New Rock Band (Indie Label) and Song of the Year (Indie Label) for "Tonight."

When he set out on his own after Expanding Man, Wanamaker shifted musical directions and set out for more straightforward pop-rock territory he got there largely by intuition. In working out the material for Loveless, he let the songs follow their own pull, defining themselves by natural feel but built on a basic set of values: deft hooks, musical momentum, phrasing that moves and twists without getting in its own way. The band stays true to the songs with well-integrated arrangements that are crafty and sure and never too clever for their own good. The sound is full of shades, but uncluttered and lean: no junk filler, and no dead space.

Produced by Q Division scientist Mike Denneen, Loveless'''' debut shimmers with energy and expression from start to finish. It''''s an album full of subtleties and plain-spoken intentions, uncomplicated statements and quiet revelations.
"Go" is the pop rocket of a lead track, a ready anthem with a big rock beat and thrilling rush of doubled guitars. The harmonies are Squeeze-quality silk, the rhythm as rock-happy and limber as early U2. "This Is A Way" uses the hypnotic two-chord repetitions of New Order-era Brit-pop to sweet effect, in an openhearted song about how music is one good reason, at least, to get out of bed. With songs like "Darling," the CD takes a darker and tougher turn, barbed with little cynicisms ("I was in love with a girl/and she was in love with the world"). The harder rock side of Loveless comes through in songs like "A Gift to the World" and "Stick to the Girl," where the groove-heavy guitars and powerfully sweet melodies dominate. Throughout, Wanamaker''''s lyrics feel personal and real, but never collapse into sticky self-pity and wanton confessions. He metes out his private thoughts with a sense of artistic restraint, but doesn''''t hide from the lush line when it appears "I only want to feel beautiful and overcome," he sings in the gloriously romantic "Tonight."
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