Minoan Music Inc.

MIAMI, FL United States

Genres:Folk, Ambient Soundscapes, Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Pop, Pop - Teen, Pop Rock, Pop - Electronic, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - Cinematic, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - New Wave, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock
Bio: Like most kids taking piano lessons, artist/producer/mixer Eric Alexandrakis was fed a steady diet of classical music by his instructors, starting at the ripe age of 6. Having also grown up with an interest in film music, Eric''''''''s appetite took on a more modern focus when he discovered the melodic pop of the second British Invasion.
With a dizzying and exhilarating sound that is both experimental and pure pop at the same time, Eric Alexandrakis reveals a wide range of influences from pop to classical music. "I love catchy songs, but I also love sonic imagery.

Alexandrakis, who double majored in Public Relations and English Literature at the University of Miami, and has a Master''''''''s Degree in Music Business and Entertainment Industries (also at U.M.), first experimented with his unique style of home recording on a friend''''''''s borrowed 4 rack recorder. The collage of sounds caught the ear of Duran Duran bass player and co-founder, John Taylor, who made Eric''''''''s music available for sale on his official website, www.trusttheprocess.com.

Shortly thereafter, further 4 track experimentation led to the licensing of over 60 of Eric''''''''s songs to various television shows produced by MTV, Warner Brothers, and others. Two of his songs were recently included on all new models of the Rio MP3 player.

Although musically diverse, Eric Alexandrakis is involved in a variety of artistic mediums. He mainly works with his music production company Minoan Music in providing music for film, television & advertising projects. He has also done work in art design and photography for various recording projects and websites, has made appearances in television commercials benefitting cancer research, and a few small roles in films here and there.

With reviews coming in from critics across the globe, it would be safe to say that Eric Alexandrakis is well on his way to establishing himself as a very unique and innovative artist who will be building an enduring body of work in the future. "I would love to be able to bring this music to some kind of full blown theatrical production", says Alexandrakis, who does music and production work in Miami. On occasion, his live performance tends to utilize slide and video projectors, a rain of orange Tic Tacs, and the occasional flying Barbie doll head, all in front of a plethoric collection of electronic gear. "When I perform my music, I like to give each show a constantly evolving theatrical twist. I think artistic evolution is very important."
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