Jinx Jones

Pleasant Hill, CA United States

Genres:Country - Classic, Production - Rock, Rock - Vintage Rock/Pop, Rock - Surf, Rock - Rockabilly, Production - Rock
Bio: “There are very few guitarists on the scene today who have a resume like San Francisco picker Jinx Jones. After having played with both Chuck Berry and Roy Buchanan, Jones has established himself as one of the top rockabilly guitarists on the scene today.” Dr. Matt Warnock; Guitar International Magazine, 2011

“Jinx Jones proves that he is a force to be reckoned in the world of first rate roots music guitarists.”
Blue Suede News #85, 2010

In Jinx Jones’ impressive musical career he has visited nearly every conceivable style and genre of the electric guitar. From his work with R&B divas, En Vogue to his own acclaimed rockabilly albums, “License to Twang,” and the latest release; “Rumble & Twang,” Jones has always strived to expand the possibilities of the instrument. He accepts every musical challenge head on, always making an impressive statement with his music. The one thing that remains consistent throughout Jones’ multi-stylistic journey is the grace and finesse of his virtuoso playing.
“You've heard fretboard prestidigitator Jinx before: he lent studio guitar and bass to En Vogue's hit, "Free Your Mind." Professionally impressive as it is, though, that credit does not represent his own chosen styling. Jinx's headlong endeavors draw freely and unto satiation from classic rocka-billy, vintage jazz, and spartan honky tonk….” D. C. Larson, Crackerjack Magazine UK, #35, 2010.

“Jinx Jones and his trio serve up fine examples of American Music, all with Jinx playing the living hell out of the guitar.” John Heidt, Vintage Guitar Magazine, June, 2007
“Magical' rings as insufficient when looms the real article. Jinx proffers alacritous dexterity and excruciating elegance, integrating rockin' with country with jazz with blues. May shame you into selling your own guitar.” David Larson, Rockabilly Magazine, July, 2007
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