Paris Match

View the world through the eyes of France’s finest photojournalists

From stars on the red carpet at Cannes, to cosy moments with political leaders and conflict-torn corners of the world, Paris Match has seen it all. Over the last sixty years, the award winning photojournalists of this legendary magazine have captured a uniquely French perspective, and this collection is now available for your use.

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The Paris Match archives

“Paris Match has been in perpetual movement since 1949, continuously upholding the valuable freedom to say and to show. In the past and now more than ever, unfolding events are treated with intensity and decipher the time. Five million negatives, four million prints and three million slides are held in the Paris Match archives. Revealing these ‘forgotten’ photos brings intimate moments to life; from true fairy tales to dark novelists, from fleeting stars and great legends to the obscure, from royalty to scientists and businessmen who have changed our universe, from politicians and war heroes to the deceased whose life stories become destiny; the protagonists of the human adventure featured throughout the pages of Paris Match now enrich its photographic archives.”

Guillaume Clavières, Director of the Photo Department at Paris Match

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