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Transversal Section Of The Wrist. The Bones Of The Carpus Present At... News PhotoAnatomy,Annular Ligament,Art Product,Capitate Bone,Carpal Bone,Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,Colored Background,Cross Section,Finger,Hamate,Hand,Human Arm,Human Body Part,Human Interest,Human Limb,Human Nervous System,Human Skeleton,Ligament,Limb,Median Nerve,Navicular Bone Of Hand,People,Pisiform,Retinaculum,Tendon,Triquetral,Vertical,WristPhotographer Collection: Universal Images Group Transversal Section Of The Wrist. The Bones Of The Carpus Present At This Level Of The Section Are Represented Scaphoid Bone, Capitate Bone Or Capitatum, Hooked Bone Or Hamatum, Pyramidal Bone Or Triquetrum, Pisiform Bone. Dorsally, The Tendons Of The Extensor Muscles Of The Fingers In Dark Blue Are Present Inside A Sheath, Except The Extensor Tendon Of The Thumb Which Is Apart. The Carpal Tunnel Is Located At The Level Of The Palm ; It Is Delimited By The Annular Ligament Of The Carpus. It Contains The Tendons Of The Flexor Muscles Of The Fingers, Four Deep And Four Superficial In Blue, The Median Nerve As Well As The Blood Vessels. See Images 2011807 And 2012007 For The Tendons Of The Hand Dorsal And Palmar Views, 2011607 For The Endings Of The Tendons On The Fingers. (Photo By BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images)