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[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] The Hamer is a tribal people in southwestern... News PhotoEthiopia,Horn of Africa,Indigenous Culture,Lifestyles,People,VerticalPhotographer Collection: Moment anthony pappone[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] The Hamer is a tribal people in southwestern Ethiopia near turmi. They are largely pastoralists, so their culture places a high value on cattle. Huts are round and conical made from a dome frame of branches covered with grasses. The Hammer often trade with their neighbors for sorghum and corn as they do not grow it themselves. Men typically wear a checkered skirt of cloth while women wear a cow skin skirt. The men were recently killed an enemy or a dangerous animal, bear head of ostrich feathers and paint their faces coloring imaginatively and lead, proud, many earrings in the ears. Women love to wear clothes richly decorated with shells and rings and anklets of iron and colorful beads and are considered masters of body decoration.