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CONTENT] photo of michigan state police in riot gear behind a tall... News PhotoAnger,Ann Arbor,Conflict,Crowd,Fence,Horizontal,Michigan,People,Photography,Police Force,Protection,Riot,Tall - High,USAPhotographer Collection: Moment copyright 1996 mark brunner[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] photo of michigan state police in riot gear behind a tall fence protecting kkk speakers from an angry crowd. June 22, 1996. A dozen members of a self-anointed and unwelcome KKK group came to Ann Arbor to hold a thumb-in-your-eye rally at City Hall. A protest group, the National Women's Rights Organizations Coalition (NWROC) formed to oppose them. After the rage had been mounting for awhile, this simpleminded redneck wandered up, wearing a Confederate-flag T-shirt and drinking a bottle of Lipton tea. The crowd tore off after him, he fell, and the mob pounced, striking for blood. Keshia Thomas, horrified, threw herself over him to stave off the angry blows. Moments earlier, Thomas, 18, had been in the NWROC group, shouting at the KKK. It was a heroic and passionate moment in a crazy afternoon, well captured in these photographs. In a story in People Magazine, Thomas was quoted as saying, 'You don't beat a man up because he doesn't believe the same things you do. He's still somebody's child.'