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Model Of The Anatomy Of The Urinary Tract Of A Female Adult Human... News PhotoAbdomen,Abdominal Aorta,Adult,Anatomy,Aorta,Artery,Bladder,Blood,Blood Flow,Blood Vessel,Brain,External Iliac Artery,External Iliac Vein,Fallopian Tube,Front View,Human Body Part,Human Gland,Human Interest,Human Internal Organ,Human Kidney,Human Skeleton,Iliac Artery,Iliac Vein,Ilium,Kidney Cortex,Medulla,Ovary,Papilla,Pelvis,People,Plastic,Pubic Symphysis,Renal Artery,Renal Medulla,Renal Pyramid,Renal Vein,Reproductive Organ,Suprarenal Gland,Ureter,Urinary System,Uterus,Vena Cava - Vein,Vertical,WomenPhotographer Collection: Universal Images Group Model Of The Anatomy Of The Urinary Tract Of A Female Adult Human Body, Anterior View. The Deep Organs Can Be Seen Here Thanks To The Removal Of The Digestive System Liver, Gallblader, Stomach, Pancreas, Intestines. The Pelvic Cavity Is Surrounded By The Pelvic Bones, Composed In The Anterior Region Of The Iliac Bones, Joining Together At The Pubic Symphysis Light Blue. A Portion Of The Rectum Brown Appears In Frontal Section Under The Sacral Promontory Hip Bone, Off White With Pale Blue Stripes. The Kidneys Filter The Blood That They Receive From The Renal Artery Red, A Branch Of The Abdominal Aorta, Producing Urine, Which Is Then Collected In The Renal Pelvis Central Structure Of The Kidney, Beige, And Carried By The Ureters Beige Ducts To The Urinary Bladder Reddish Brown, Above The Pubic Symphysis. The Filtered Blood Is Next Drained By The Renal Vein Blue, Which Empties Into The Inferior Vena Cava. The Right Kidney Is Shown In Frontal Section, Exposing Its Internal Anatomy. It Is Composed Of The Cortex Pinkish Superficial Area And The Medulla, Which Includes Several Malpighian Pyramids Pink. The Top Of Each Pyramid, Called The Papilla, Leads To A Calyx White That Collects The Urine And Pours It Out Into The Renal Pelvis. The Kidneys Are Surmounted By The Hormone Secreting Adrenal Glands Orange. In The Pelvic Cavity, The Ovaries Cream Coloured Produce Oocytes Which Are Picked Up By The Fallopian Tubes Red Which Are Linked By Ducts To The Uterine Cavity Flesh Colored. The Ovaries Are Also Connected To The Uterus By Their Own Ligaments. The Abdominal Aorta Red Divides Into The Right And Left Common Iliac Arteries, Then Into The External Iliac Arteries In The Pelvis To Irrigate The Lower Limbs. It Ramifies In Order To Vascularize The Abdominal Organs, Such As The Renal Arteries For The Kidneys, And The Ovarian Arteries Running Alongside The External Iliac Arteries And (Photo By BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images)