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[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] hamer tribe paint their faces during the... News PhotoBull - Animal,Ceremony,Ethiopia,Horizontal,Horn of Africa,Indigenous Culture,LifestylesPhotographer Collection: Moment anthony pappone[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] hamer tribe paint their faces during the ceremony bull jumping. Bull jumping ceremony is a rite of passage ceremony for men coming of age must be done before a boy is permitted to marry. The boy must jump the cows four times to be successful. This test is performed while naked except for a few cords bound across the chest as a symbol of the childhood he is about to leave behind him. On completion of this test, the young man joins the others boys who have recently passed the same test and who spend the next few months of their lives supervising these events in villages throughout the Hamar territory. The ceremonies end with several days of feasting, including the typical jumping dances, accompanied by as much sorghum beer as the bull-jumper's family can provide to the visitor.