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We've just released two new options on our search function that allow you to sort by images that give the greatest match to your keywords or by the latest images. We've called them 'best match' and 'newest' – use them to make the whole search process that bit quicker. Put them to the test now (just type a keyword in the search box at the top of this page) and look out for more search options as we add them.

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LiveComp plug-in for Photoshop

LiveComp plug-in for Photoshop®

Our new Photoshop plug-in lets you search all our creative images, then import them into your file as new layer – without ever leaving the application.

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Getty Images iPad app

Getty Images iPad/iPhone app

Now you have over 24 million images at your fingertips – anywhere, anytime.

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Getty Images Live

Getty Images Live

All the latest images – direct to your desktop. Getty Images Live delivers a scrolling feed of our most up-to-the-minute creative, news, sport and entertainment photos, with preselected and customizable content.

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RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

Our RSS feeds put a world of new and newsworthy photos at your fingertips. Choose from a variety of subject-, personality- and event-driven streaming content – all of which can be viewed in most news readers and blogs.

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Getty Images Partner API

Getty Images Partner API

Our Partner API toolkit allows key customers and business partners to integrate our content directly into their sites, helping them streamline workflows and tackle new business opportunities.

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Spotlight podcast
Ernst Haas

Ernst Haas Alex Haas talks about his late father's pioneering work, spanning everything from photojournalism to groundbreaking abstract and color photography.

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Getty Images blog
An inside look at the world of imagery from the people who live and breathe it. Visit our blog page or take a look at the latest post, below.

Two new places for Getty Images news and inspiration (this blog is no longer being updated)
Over the past few months we’ve done some really exciting things at Getty Images: We launched our embed tool, established a meaningful partnership with and connected with so many people who share our belief in the power of images to change the world.