Transformed: 9 amazing re-imagined buildings


By Julian Ridgway

1. Musee d'orsay

keenpress/national geographic/Getty Images

Once a railway station, Paris' Musee D'Orsay re-opened as an art gallery in 1986.

2. Pratt street power plant

atlantide phototravel/Getty Images

Pratt Street Power Plant in Baltimore stopped generating electricity in 1973 but was gradually redeveloped as a massive retail space in the 1990s.

3. Malmaison hotel

quentin bargate/loop images/corbis documentary/Getty Images

Oxford's Malmaison hotel has been the city jail and a castle.

4. google campus

kim kulish/Getty Images

Part of Google's huge Mountain View campus is sited in a converted shopping mall.

5. Selexyz dominicanen bookshop

andreas secci/arcaidimages/Getty Images

The Selexyz Dominicanen Bookshop in Maastricht, Netherlands, sits in the Gothic grandeur of a 13th century Dominican church.

6. Petco park

brace hemmelgarn/Getty Images

The Western Metal Supply Co. building, was scheduled for demolition to make way for Petco Park ballpark in San Diego but was saved and incorporated into the design.

7. Tate modern art gallery

Barry winiker/Getty Images

In 2000 the former Bankside power station in London re-opened as the Tate Modern art gallery, dominated by its enormous former turbine hall.

8. wythe hotel

desiree navarro/Getty Images

Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn used to be a factory, originally constructed in 1901.

9. Kings cross area

jason hawkes/barcroft images/Getty Images

As part of the total redevelopment of London's Kings Cross area, the old Victorian gas holders have been filled with apartment blocks.


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