Discover the 21 newest world heritage sites

By Julian Ridgway

1. The english lake district

This area is composed of beautiful landscapes that inspired Wordsworth and Romantic artists.

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2. City of Yazd, Iran

This traditional earthen townscape grew up next to the silk and spice roads.

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3. Khomani cultural landscape, South africa

Home to the Khomani San people, the area shows signs of human occupation back to the stone age.

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4. assumption cathedral and monastery, russia

The cathedral’s frescoes are among the rarest examples of Eastern Orthodox mural paintings.

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5. Venetian city defences, Italy, Montenegro, Croatia

The fortifications span more than 1,000 kilometers across the Republic of Venice between the Lombard region of Italy and the eastern Adriatic Coast.

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6. Tarnowskie gory lead-silver-zinc mine, poland

The site includes the entire underground mine with adits, shafts, galleries and water management system.

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7. Valongo wharf archaeological site, brazil

The former harbor area of Rio de Janeiro in which the old stone wharf was built for the landing of enslaved Africans reaching the South American continent from 1811 onwards. An estimated 900,000 Africans arrived in South America via Valongo.

mauro pimentel/afp/Getty Images

8. Kujataa, Greenland

Over 1000 years of Norse and Inuit farming has occurred at the edge of the ice cap.

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9. swabian jura, germany

Ice age cave art from this area of settlement dates back to the start of human presence in Europe 43,000 years ago.

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10. temple zone of sambor prei kuk, cambodia

This site has been identified as Ishanapura, the capital of the Chenla Empire that flourished in the late 6th and early 7th centuries.

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11. Historic City of Ahmadabad, Indi

The walled city of Ahmadabad was founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah in the 15th century.

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12. okinoshima island, japan

This is an exceptional archaeological example of the tradition of worship of a sacred island.

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13. Asmara, Eritrea

This Modernist city was developed from the 1890’s onwards as a military outpost for the Italian colonial power with a large construction program from the 1930s.

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14. M'banza-Kongo, Angola

These remains are of the capital of the former Kingdom of Kongo

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15. Los Alerces National Park, Argentina

Located in the Andes of northern Patagonia, this park contains some of the last portions of continuous Patagonian Forest in an almost pristine state and is the habitat for a number of endemic and threatened species of flora and fauna.

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16. Aphrodisias, turkey

These ruins were originally an ancient Greek city.

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17. Gulangyu, China

This island off the coast of Xiamen, Fujian Province in southerneastern China, is for pedestrians only. 

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18. taputapuatea, french polynesia

At the heart of the island is the Taputapuatea marae complex, a historic political, ceremonial and funerary centre.

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19. Qinghai Hoh Xil, China

This plateau is the largest and highest in the world.

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20. Hebron Old Town, Palestine

The traditional burial site was and is home to the biblical Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

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21. Dauria, russia and mongolia

This part of the Daurian Steppe eco-region is home to millions of vulnerable, endangered or threatened migratory birds.

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