The secret lives of stormtroopers


7:00 AM - Wake up. Look fly.

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7:30 AM - Eat breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day!

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8:00 AM - Morning bathroom break.

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8:05 AM - Take the dog for a walk.

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8:15 AM - Make new dog friends and meet the neighbors.

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8:30 AM -Take the little ones to school.

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8:45 AM - Take the scenic route to work.

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10 AM - Back to the bathroom

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12:00 PM - "Work" lunch with the boys

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2pm - Brief the press on the current state of The Death Star

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1:00 PM - Look busy when the boss walks by.

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2:00 PM - Suck up to the execs.

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4:30PM - Leave work early to wait in line for the latest riot shield.

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6 PM - Make dinner for the fam.

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7:30 PM - Meet up with the squad for game night.

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7:45 PM - Pre-game drinks with the crew.

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8:00 PM - Game night!

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9:00 PM - Have too much to drink at the game.

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10:00 PM - Keep the party going at the club. Meet some ladies.

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10:15 PM - ...get kicked out of the club.

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11:00 PM - Get keys taken away.  No driving tonight.

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11:30 PM - Beg cab driver to take you to Brooklyn.

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12:00 AM - A little R&R before another day begins.

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