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Production Music

Great music for your TV show, TV Commercial, Radio program, or feature film.
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TV Production 

You need unique and powerful music to make your show stand out in the wide world of television. Find the perfect soundtrack to your original project right here. From catchy sitcom themes to enticing reality show tracks, you’ll evoke the right mood and captivate your audience.
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Film Production 

Bring your project to life on the silver screen with the right soundtrack. Boasting a robust and versatile range of music that fits any genre – action, drama, mystery or history – it’s all here.
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Sound Effects, Bumpers, and Stingers 

From heartbeats and whistles to stings and stabs, you’ll find that extra touch to punctuate your production right here. Whether you need a drum loop, an ambient drone, a guitar lick or a grand orchestral sound, these albums will bring your project to life.
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Reality TV Music 

Let the reality of your TV show shine and heighten the action with this catalog of tracks that go hand in hand with the ups and downs of life. This dynamic instrumental music adds suspense and intensity to any episode.
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Ah2 Music 

Ah2 Music covers every conceivable genre and is responsible for unforgettable themes and scores heard in many of today’s hit television shows and films. Top media moguls have utilized this unmatched catalog, now it’s your chance.