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Indie Music

The best music from independent artists throughout the world.
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Indaba Music 

Getty Images is proud to partner with Indaba Music and its 600,000+ diverse musicians. Everybody wins now that these innovative artists have an online platform to license their studio-quality music.
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Children’s / Quirky 

Kids are all about fun and games – and so is this catalog. Featuring lighthearted songs in the classic sing-along and nursery rhyme style, as well as music that will transport you to the playground or circus. This is the place for any project that needs a youthful feel.
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Hip hop 

A mix of urban music that is as diverse as the city streets that it hails from. This is the home of everything hip hop – including catchy club hooks, dancehall, old-school and both East and West Coast styles.
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Country Music 

From square dance fiddle music to Wild West and folk-influenced arrangements, the Country album category roams over a wide range of music. These tracks are ideal for giving any project an authentic country feel.
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Pick up the tempo with the jazz catalog that covers all of the bases in this great American instrumental genre. From syncopated ragtime and bebop to smooth avant-garde or modern jazz, it’s all here and ready to get your project moving.
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Musica Latina / Salsa 

Channel island rhythms and lush harmonies with this spicy, dance-based catalog. Covering all of the Caribbean, this is the destination for diverse Latin music that is sure to enliven the spirit of the sun and sea.