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30 May 2014
DEU: 'Let's Dance' Finals
23 May 2014
DEU: 'Let's Dance' 8th Show
16 May 2014
DEU: 'Let's Dance' 7th Show
09 May 2014
DEU: 'Let's Dance' 6th Show
02 May 2014
DEU: 'Let's Dance' 5th Show
25 Apr 2014
DEU: 'Let's Dance' 4th Show
11 Apr 2014
DEU: 'Let's Dance' 3rd Show
04 Apr 2014
DEU: 'Let's Dance' 2nd Show
28 Mar 2014
DEU: 'Let's Dance' 1st Show
20 Mar 2014
DEU: Larissa Marolt Trains For 'Let's Dance'
19 Mar 2014
DEU: Tanja Szewczenko Trains For 'Let's Da...
18 Mar 2014
DEU: Alexander Leipold Trains For 'Let's D...
14 Mar 2014
DEU: Dirk Moritz Trains For 'Let's Dance'
10 Mar 2014
DEU: Alexander Klaws Trains For 'Let's Dance'
10 Mar 2014
DEU: Bernhard Brink Trains For 'Let's Dance'
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