Love wins, always

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The fatal mass shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., prompted an outpouring of love and support from around the world, including this sign at a local auto service shop.

On June 12, a massacre at Pulse, a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, left 49 dead and 53 wounded. A night that had begun as “Upscale Latin Saturday” turned into the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

For the LGBT community and its allies, June is Pride Month, an annual time of celebration, education and outreach. The Pulse shooting meant the last weeks of Pride 2016 were spent in mourning, as people around the world gathered for vigils under rainbow flags. The Eiffel Tower, One World Trade Center, the Sydney Harbor bridge and other landmarks were lit up in rainbow colors, and everyone from late-night hosts to politicians went on camera to express their sadness and sympathy.

"We need to support each other and love each other. This tragedy will not define us, but will bring us together."

- Buddy Dyer, Mayor of Orlando

Solidarity quickly emerged alongside grief: global tributes, large and small, served as powerful reminders that love wins, even in the face of overwhelming tragedy.

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Brazilians in São Paulo hold up rainbow-colored plumes to honor Pulse victims.

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A child in Paris holds the U.S. flag at a vigil in reaction to the Pulse shooting.


Indian students light candles around a memorial in Mumbai. At the center is a rangoli, a South Asian art form in which rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals are used to create colorful, intricate designs on the floor.

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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden visit a makeshift memorial at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, in downtown Orlando, Fla.

The Pulse nightclub shooting reminded the world that the fight for LGBT rights and safety is far from over. From the Stonewall uprising to the legalization of same-sex marriage in 21 countries, these are some of the movement’s milestones in recent history.

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