Morley Safer, 84

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The award-winning reporter transformed broadcast journalism, spending almost half a century covering the world for “60 Minutes.”

"No correspondent had more extraordinary range, from war reporting to coverage of every aspect of modern culture. His writing alone defined original reporting."

- CBS News President David Rhodes
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As a correspondent for CBS News, Safer in 1965 reported on the systematic burning of South Vietnamese villages by U.S. Marines during the Vietnam War, showing soldiers igniting huts with Zippo lighters. Safer spent about two years in Vietnam over the course of three tours, making his name as a journalist in the process.

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Safer, seen here in 1979, joined “60 Minutes” in 1970. He retired in May after 46 years on the show, a week before he died of pneumonia. His many interview subjects included Jackie Gleason, Ruth Madoff, Miss Piggy, Katharine Hepburn and, shortly before his retirement, architect Bjarke Ingels.

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President Bill Clinton sits with Safer and “60 Minutes” reporters Ed Bradley, Steve Krofft, Lesley Stahl and Mike Wallace during a December, 1995, interview in the Roosevelt Room.

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