Garry Marshall, 81


The powerhouse writer-producer-director who created some of America’s most-beloved screen stories died in July.

"If you’ve got the comedy eye, you can look at any situation and see the humor in it while others don’t."

- Garry Marshall

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Marshall, a comedic force whose romance- and friendship-centered works were commercial hits, was a great lover of theater. In 1997, he built the Falcon Theater, where he’s pictured in his memorabilia-filled office in 2012, in Burbank, Calif.

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Born Garry Kent Maschiarelli in the Bronx, Garry Marshall left an indelible mark on entertainment with TV shows like “Happy Days” and “The Odd Couple” and films including “Pretty Woman,” “Beaches” and “The Princess Diaries.” His star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was unveiled in 1983 -- here, he revisits it in 2001.

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“Never underestimate the power of your sister,” Marshall once said. He counted producing “Laverne & Shirley,” starring his younger sister, Penny (right), and Cindy Williams shown here in 1980, as one of his greatest challenges. “It was a tough show,” he said of working with the strong-willed actresses. Among the Marshalls’ many collaborations, Garry appeared in Penny’s film “A League of Their Own.”

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Entertainment ran in the Marshall family. Garry’s father, Tony, was an industrial filmmaker who would go on to produce his son’s TV shows, and his mother, Marjorie, was a tap dancer.

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