Buckwheat Zydeco, 68

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An ambassador of the accordion and zydeco music.

"Life is a tour, and it's all about how you decide to get where you're going… I don't want to ignore the bad things in life, but I want to emphasize the good things. "

- Buckwheat Zydeco
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Born in Lafayette, La., Stanley "Buckwheat" Dural Jr. played as a session musician before starting his own band, Buckwheat Zydeco. The name stuck to Dural, and the band toured widely. Here, Dural is backstage at FitzGerald's in Illinois, circa 1983.

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Dural’s father, Stanley Dural Sr., was also a musician, and pair played together on Sept. 27, 1987. That year, Buckwheat Zydeco got a deal with Island Records for “On a Night Like This,” the first zydeco album from a major label.

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Dural collaborated with musicians in many genres, introducing zydeco to a broader audience. Dural, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Curt Smith (Tears for Fears) and Neil Young perform together in New York in 1988. Dural died of lung cancer in September.

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